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Muy buena

Muy buena! Necesita actualización

Decent but not fantastic

It's a very basic game but the screen should not dim while playing in accelerometer mode. A fix for that should be incorporated in a future version.


Classic, but mehh.. Change it to touch and its better. I mean it's classic and this was as good as it got back then. Don't get a game that says its like the classic arcade if you're gonna say it's boring. Besides,look at the pic for pete's sake!!!


I thought the game was terrible until i went to settings and changed It from accel to touch. Then it suddenly became awesome!

A bad breakout game

One of the worst breakout Games on the app store. Dont buy it. Sorry Sodascope.

not bad.....

simple, classic, and fun. worth keeping.

Good if the controls worked

Controls are horrible, otherwise a good classic break game.


Add powerups!

Good, for a free game

I liked the free versions of the pay games better, and the acceloromator ( I cannot spell) control feel weighty and slow.

Good game, but...

I like this game, but it would be great if the developer could add a pause function. When I get a text message, it totally throws off my whole game. It also would be nice if the developer could automatically pause the game when a text message is received. Otherwise great game! I play it a lot!

Cool game but....

It's very slow! They should update it so that the ball moves faster. It gets boring with a slow ball.

dont buy

buy jirbo break instead

Simple and classic

This is a very simple and nice app. I hope the developer will come out with more games

Great straightforward breakout game

This is a great game but it badly needs some powerups. WARNING:Highly Addictive my high score is 2427

not too bad

old iPod classic games, only with new technology of accelerometer & touch instead of scroling the wheel. haha not bad.


much less entertaining then break classic there are no powerups or anything exciting although I didn't expect much more from a free app

Good idea.

This game is entertaining, but needs improvement. I don't have any complaints, except that sometimes there is lag.


Most boring game on iPhone!


At least there are no gay bears... Spice it up with some color and sound effects like breakclassic and maybe. I have breakclassic and it's amazing, it's worth 2 dollars (they lowered the price). There is also a lite verson out, if you aren't willing to spend the $$$. I heart zebras peace

This game is Ok

This game is preety good for being free. It needs Sound and a Main Menu. It is fun.

Works a lot better now

Had to turn the acceleometer on and then after upgrade to get the finger use working again. Still occasionally the paddle will lag out. I think the paddle should be smaller and use a temp bonus to make it the current size. I played for about half a hour and never lost a life.

No thanks

The lil thing didn't really move with my finger. I deleted it.


Thanks to the update, it's now worth it.

The Update

Has fixed the jerky accelerator movement and added a pause. The developer has obviously listened to the reviews. Great game.


is there STILL NO SOUND after multiple updates??? I like this game and wouls score it higher if there was SOUND!!!

It was bad but after upgrade it turned aesome

This a really addicting game try it after all it's free


Cool but needs more games


I got this and break classic for free I would tell you to get break classic because it's amazing but now it's like $3 but it's still worth it

Meathod to the Maddness?

This game has either really bad programming/foresight OR a stroke of genius! One of the first things I noticed was that the ball did not behave differently depending on where it bounced off the paddle. Instead the paddle can actually move up and down. This makes the game very different than traditional versions of breakout. I don't know how many people played this game long enough to notice, but once you get to ~1200 points you start getting blocks BELOW your paddle. i.e. The bricks come so far down the screen that the paddle is above them. This makes the game quite challenging and (if you are a bit crazy like me) fun. However the fun does not end here Once you get into the 1900 point range you start getting blocks off the bottom of the screen! I ended up losing at 2221 points, and I think that I only had 1 block left till the next level (couldn't tell cuz it was off screen). Anyways, if you want a GOOD breakout app the this is NOT the app for you. It has pretty poor programming to allow off screen bricks. It also has some pretty nasty lag issuses. If, however, you want a good laugh, a 1min screensaver, or a VERY challenging version of breakout then you may want to try this app. It is free after all...

Horrible controls

Very laggy. Also they should allow the ability to pause the game.

No good...

This game is no good. The acceleromator control is very laggy and the screen will dim and turn off becuse you aren't touching the screen. (as in, the phone will auto sleep while playing)


Out of all the Break Games this is by far the worst. I would recomend Break Classic that one is the best!

Bad Controls

The controls are very bad

Really really needs a pause

Didn't like it


this doesnt even keep up with games such as brick for nano. And this is an iPhone! game lags and is boring.

Too laggy

I go to slide it and it lags waaaay to much. Fail.

Would be fun


There Are Better Choices...

Sure this game is free, but there are better choices. (jirbobreak, break classic, but superpong is the best)

Laggy, not the best

The concept of the game is breakout, a classic that never gets old. The actual gameplay is not that great. It's nearly impossible to play the game using the accelormator, even with playing with the sensitivity doesn't help. Using the touch controls is better, bu only to a point. The game gets laggy very quick, and its only luck that keeps you from dieing. There's no pause feature unless you die or beat a level. After you get a game over, there's no new game button, you have to exit the app and reopen it. It looked like the ball moved faster as the levels progressed, but the paddle moved more laggy, so I have no idea if this is to make the game more harder, or just bad programing. The fact that it's free, and provides some level of fun if you only have 5 mins to spare is what gives it 2 stars

Good but needs an update

I really like the idea of the app. Using the acelarometer to move the padle is really neat. You need to up to your iPod settings to get the acelsrometer instead of your finger. The graphics arnt amazing and there is no home screen when you lose you haveto exit out and go back in to start another game. Other than that I like it and looking forward to an update!

No go

Fail can't play it

Its ok!!!!

Still don't get accelermeter

Best Ever

I got so far on this game it's not even funny. My high score was 1827!!! If you beat me press yes if you didn't press no.


Love the simplicity. However I just cannot play this game due to the paddle movement. It just skips below my finger. I just turn it off instantly. And once I have lost how do I restart? Do I need to exit everytime?

nice and simple.

pretty sweet game. i've been waiting for a break game with the use of the accelerometer.


Fun, especially for free.


I was playing the game and was doing pretty well with a score of 2214, until I hit the last brick on the level and the game keeps going. I let the ball go past the paddle but I just kept losing lives until it eventually said game over. If they would fix that problem and make the paddle a little more responsive, this would be a great game.

High Score!


Not fun

Missing way to much it's like being on a computer from the late 80s .

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